1. Finish your work in all open tabs.
2. Select menu Tools->RPXP->Preferences->Options->Uninstall
3. Restart Firefox if it was not closed automatically.
4. Proceed as with New Installs (existing blue/red member lists will be retained). 1. Click on XPI link: RPXP v0.42, Jan 15th 2005
2. Restart Mozilla/FireFox. 1. Go to
2. Right-click on a member name (e.g. diary author).
3. Select "RPXP Blue" or "RPXP Red".
4. Go to another page (e.g. diary). That member's name should retain the color you selected.
5. Switch color for that member or other members at will. 1. Go to a news article (e.g. NY Times article).
2. Drag-select the text you wish to quote.
3. Press right-mouse button.
4. Select "RPXP Quote" menu.
5. Go to DailyKos and open a 'Reply' or 'Diary' entry.
6. Issue 'Paste' command from keyboard or menu.
7. The selected article text will be inserted in a blockquote div, with a preceding hyperlink.

The rpxp project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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