What's New
  • 1/15/05: v0.42 fixes problem in changing color from green to red/blue/neutral and install problem with Mozilla.
  • 1/14/05: v0.41 fixes bug 8699, adds green color for tagging your own name(s) and supports automated FireFox updates.
Description Motivations
  1. To spot gems among trolls (for local definitions of "gem" and "troll").
  2. To simplify citation of news articles.
  3. To restore "local filtering" to web clients, historically available to mail/usenet clients.
  4. To share display duty between central servers (collaboration) and local clients (cognitive impedance matching).
Acronymn Features
  1. Red/Blue/Neutral indicator for members
  2. Member list export/import between machines
  3. Color coding done after page is rendered
  4. Turn on/off with Ctrl-Shift-R or Tools->RPXP->Toggle
  5. Open-source (MPL license), derived from AdBlock
  6. Uninstall option

The rpxp project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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